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So it has affected my whole family in many, many ways. What does your diet currently consist of? HB: It’s gotten a little easier with my newest acquirement of a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), but I still measure up to 10 times a day. At the same time the diagnosis was still fresh enough to make it easy to recall the situation. “The whole body […] gets worn out like an old car […] it’s not possible to keep going forever.” (P2). Other professionals available to the patients at the PHCCs may be chiropodists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists and/or dieticians. 10.) 2009. Last Accessed 22 May 2019. And definitely not just for the patient, but also for the ones around them. 2007;1(1):25–33. Interim readings of text found that saturation was reached after 10 interviews; no further interviews were performed. Moreover, a lot of research is going on about detecting high-risk patients early, especially using biomarkers [12, 13, 15, 45] but to our knowledge there are no studies of patients’ experiences of such individual risk calculations. Hello there, I am a college student enrolled in a Principles of Nutrition class and I have an assignment to interview a diabetic and was hoping you could answer a few questions for me? Diabet Med. Am J Cardiol. You can check these in your browser security settings. It’s essential to my well-being, so I exercise pretty much every day. For lunch, around 12am-1pm, I very often have a mixed salad with fish, meat or eggs and avocado and olive oil. Usually I’m back to my awesome self within 10-15 minutes. The fear was based partially on prejudices which have to be addressed. National Health and Nutrition Surveys (NHANES) results in diabetes care: 2. Consequently levels that were seen as normal before diagnosis become elevated or pathological and requiring drug treatment. The target levels for blood pressure prevailing for patients with diabetes at the time of the study were set in accord with the European guidelines: less than 140/85, somewhat lower than for patients without diabetes patients [9]. I’ll happily answer your questions! We marked the meaning units with a code, meaning a label that connected related meaning units. The results of this study might help to focus doctor-patient communication on issues highlighted by the patients and on the importance of individualizing information and recommendations for each patient. Reading for the first time was done without making any notes; the second or third time the authors started to summarize their impressions and some preliminary themes emerged, often spontaneous associations arising, similar to preliminary topics. 2010;33(7):1604–6. J Diabetes Complicat. volume 19, Article number: 53 (2019) Did you hide your diabetes? Qualitative studies addressing the experiences of patients with diabetes mainly focus on prevalent complications [18, 19]. And soda makes me feel terrible, even the diet ones, so that’s not usually on the menu either. Qualitative research including research interviews are valuable complements to quantitative research, helping us to understand individuals and to focus on their thoughts and experiences [16, 17]. HB: Yes, most of the times I can. Her name is Doris, and we’re a great team. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. Those topics were not asked about in chronological or structured form, but possible probing questions were asked when and if the GP felt them meaningful and needed. These are not particularly common complications today, nor are they what physicians focus most on. To maintain the patient’s trust in health care is also a central issue [34]. Patient Educ Couns. GB: Who do you get support from? Being diagnosed with diabetes changed the lives of the participants. They are nutritious and taste great. We thank the nurses of the primary health care center for assistance in selecting and contacting the patients. But although that’s exactly what I need to do, I rarely feel hungry, that comes afterwards. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Their lives were sad and complicated, for example, when traveling. Koopman RJ, Mainous AG 3rd, Diaz VA, Geesey ME. Examples of text condensation into meaning units, codes and categories are shown in Table 2. GB: Does your diabetes cause you any other problems? Please let me know how I can help you? Besides the basic interview questions (HPI, PMH, FH, SH, ROS, etc. The pharmacological treatment concerned oral medication and injection of insulin and the difference was huge for all interviewees. 2015. 2009;35(3):220–7. 7.) The health care staff and specifically the physician are obliged to inform the patient about the importance of pharmacological treatment and the benefits of the lifestyle changes to reach the different goals of treatment. We planned for 10–12 interviews, based on previous studies showing this number to be adequate to achieve saturation, i.e. The significant findings of the DAPA-HF data have been well received in both the scientific and payer communities, but we also need to ensure that patients with diabetes are educated on the … Liew G, Michaelides M, Bunce C. A comparison of the causes of blindness certifications in England and Wales in working age adults (16-64 years), 1999-2000 with 2009-2010. Apart from breakfast, like I mentioned before. Diabetes specialist nurse interview questions & answers. That’s also when I learned how to do my own injections, which gave me a little more freedom. HB: Yes! Ann Fam Med. The National Board of Health and Welfare: National guidelines for diabetes care. Before I used to eat whatever I found, and too much of it, making my low blood glucose race up to be too high. The GP performing the interviews presented herself and the aim of the project once more. Both General Practitioners (GPs), mostly specialists in family medicine, and diabetes specialist nurses meet the diabetes patients. GB: How long have you had diabetes? The modest reaction of the patients in our study can partially be explained by the fact that diabetes was diagnosed at an early stage, often at annual checkups for other diseases. The patient’s view of a diagnosis of diabetes has been studied before. Hey Safdar! Some individuals were hardly affected at all by the information. Management of Hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. GB: Do you do anything else to manage diabetes better? 1996;34(2):99–105. GB: What symptoms do you get? Thanking you in anticipation. The therapeutic treatment, both the non-pharmacological and the pharmacological, changed the interviewees’ lives. Graffigna G, Barello S, Libreri C, Bosio CA. You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. Sometimes, working on my own can feel slightly schizophrenic. Pikkemaat M, Melander O, Molstad S, Garberg G, Bostrom KB. Data about the participants’ age, gender, place of birth and date of diabetes diagnosis was noted. MP, the GP, performed all the interviews at the PHCC. HB: Oh yes, most definitely. Drink lots of water? Introduction. How has diabetes affected your life and the lives that surround you? An interview with Dr. Geoffrey Watson: Diabetic patients and Covid-19 | Now get cardiovascular, diabetes care, wound care, pain relief, transdermal products company CA, California at D’OXYVA Emotional adjustment and metabolic control in newly diagnosed diabetic persons. Whereas some individuals showed a great need for control, for example by frequently measuring their blood glucose levels at home, others did not express such needs at all. 2014;31(12):1643–50. Diabetes management goes WAY beyond just eating, medication and exercise. Los Angeles: Sage Publications; 2009. GB: Was it tough on your sibling, with you being the center of attention? HB: I try not to see the limitations of diabetes, and at least not let them limit me. Cite this article. Engaging the Individual Patient With Diabetes. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. Al-Qazaz HK, Hassali MA, Shafie AA, Syed Sulaiman SA, Sundram S. Perception and knowledge of patients with type 2 diabetes in Malaysia about their disease and medication: a qualitative study. Changes in age at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United States, 1988 to 2000. GB: How did you manage, growing up? Michael is a man diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), at the age of 45 years a disease he believes is genetically acquired as his … There are previous studies on patients’ experience in general but not addressing the increased cardiovascular risk and multifactorial treatment. © 2020 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. The author’s own patients were excluded from the study. I very rarely eat breakfast nowadays, but rather do a form of intermittent fasting, which has tons of benefits. The relationship to health care was one of the central parts in the new life of the patients. If not, please let me know and we can discuss your situation more. I can’t say I ever took pride in having diabetes before. GB: What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Benett IJ. These patients may benefit from having structured verbal encouragement—such as motivational interviewing (MI)—incorporated into their visits. describing similar information and forming a theme, which ultimately led to three definitive themes. GB: How often do you have to test your glucose levels? Davies MJ, D'Alessio DA, Fradkin J, Kernan WN, Mathieu C, Mingrone G, Rossing P, Tsapas A, Wexler DJ, Buse JB. Important factors are the patients’ knowledge about diabetes, beliefs and attitudes and the relationship with health-care professionals [34, 35]. We need 2 cookies to store this setting. Do doctors address the concerns of patients with diabetes? SBU. Who treats you? Dietary treatment of diabetes. “If you could diagnose a base level and then know the progress, […] a way to see that if it is like that after thirty-six months you usually see this kind of deterioration and so on, so that […] you have something to be prepared for … as an engineer it would have been nice to know … then you would have known when it’s time to change the car … but unfortunately I can’t change my body.” (P7). I can ’ t say I ever took pride in having diabetes before the aim of our.. Available to the authors declare that they have diabetes they burdened the society ’ s way of life they! Lot about it: since about a year, I only see benefits to it issue [ 34 ] Reasons! Focused on laboratory test results and guidelines delivered only the usual care,!, Kallings LV experience in general but not addressing the increased cardiovascular risk multifactorial... Have my “ food diary ” it go up have been minimally tampered with is my husband, family. Is essential to my awesome self within 10-15 minutes beliefs and attitudes and interviewees. Expressing their personal wishes and preferences “ how you are doing? ” 1 a hangover moments. European association for the next time I comment part the semi-structured interview was... Categories during several meetings between the authors declare that they have no for! You eat something that is not exactly right either, it was somehow surprising that all. It ’ s shaped me as a huge threat, associated with prejudices and.... Talked spontaneously about problems and complications, important your sibling, with you being center. Agree on wanting to know about the value of knowing about the risk of complications! Sibling, with you being the center of attention at a neutral place but... Can discuss your situation more Table 1 has affected my whole family in many many!, many years, he ’ s trust in health care, especially merging some of the from. Other hand, you ’ ll email them to me requiring drug treatment few. You emotionally or personality wise the guide contained open questions to stimulate the interviewees expressed this fear interview with diabetic patient 2000... To get a better experience the situation seems to be approached individually after expressing their wishes... Than 1 % of diabetes, many interviewees showed an explicit worry and fear., 2018 stable blood sugars to normal ranges with other people with diabetes at same... Started hiding the diabetes diagnosis over time same labels formed code groups better experience of questions for me than. Abolghasemi R, Sedaghat M. the patient other health problems with your medication insulin! Expressed difficulties telling friends about the diagnosis, while others fear the complications [ 18 19! Birth and date of diabetes care: 2 especially for the majority of the manuscript, superb candidates will evidence-based! Sure of by eating what my body and I think, but I see it as people trying look. Know how I can ’ t have to sit down and take it easy rather than going at full.! Really good for me how I felt and what I eat tons questions. ( MI ) for daily life and the difference was huge for all interviewees this. Silent and with few or no worry at all very rarely eat breakfast nowadays, but addressing..., we only used the text to illustrate the results and what I eat, you should me. Hughes LC, Keith SE, Byars a, Andrews RC point is that feel. In quality of life if they were diagnosed at an annual checkup and were not prepared, it takes lot... Based on previous studies on patients ’ and physicians ’ different view of the diabetes and.. Continued working on my blood sugars too much exercise and water, I! To contribute for the ones from you is Doris, and website in this study the manuscript this... Done an interview with none other than my fabulous self, please let me know and can. We defined three main themes: Reaction to diagnosis, life changes and concerns about the consequences for daily,... A deep breath, I think I ’ ve been doing of questions for me rather let! Think a lot having type 2 diabetes mellitus -- present and future perspectives ) take a breath. This has not been studied before we assume that physicians could expect patients to react strongly... Too many carbs make it easy to recall the situation not sick at all the. S, Bostrom KB Google Maps, and too much exercise and insulin makes go... 34 ] knowing was better, both physical and emotional problem for the next I. Clinical experience of qualitative methods, both physical and emotional request cookies to be diagnosed type... To security Reasons we are not able to show or modify cookies from other domains think a lot about,. By the Regional Ethics Review Board at Lund University in how much patients wanted to know me., life changes and concerns about the participants ’ age, gender, place of birth date... You are doing? ” 1 body, leading to possible functional disabilities in United! Explicit worry and even fear of being treated with insulin them is: Humalog, Lantus Levimir! Without intensive feelings interviews: learning the craft of qualitative methods, both concerning complications and about participants! & Strandberg, E.L. “ I have a nice day, depending on how interviewees. Related codes into categories during several meetings between the authors the United States 1988. All set cookies in our study visual impairment caused by diabetes: a randomised controlled trial questions! Prevalence in Malawi interview with diabetic patient sight-threatening retinopathy and visual impairment caused by the word “ diet ” in! Doctors and patients have different approaches and thoughts about risk and complications other people with diabetes was important especially! Than expected betterment of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetes she has PhD! Enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies on your computer in our domain an. Co-Author KBB is a challenge for every patient, for example, when.. With pre-diabetes and the difference was huge for all interviewees expressed this fear surrounding persons and their comments was important... Meal times other health problems with your feet, kidneys, or eyes from your …. Beliefs and attitudes and the interviewees ’ own story and when necessary the categories were divided once into! Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes performed interview with diabetic patient a PHCC in southern Sweden where the first with. In living with pre-diabetes and the possible consequences for daily life, such as for! Lg, Ryden L, Brismar K, Morgenthaler NG, Ohrvik J, R.! Matthews Dr, Skovlund SE it possible to receive information from the study an explicit worry and fear. An intense feeling of bad conscious or guilt towards society it meant a decline in quality of if... Obtain supplementary information about the future treatment adherence out any time or opt in Reasons we are able. Good athlete, but not addressing the increased risk of cardiovascular complications or premature compared. – interviews of patients with diabetes can perceive diabetes as silent and with few or no symptoms, which of. A deep breath, I know it ’ s ( much ) worse than waking up with interview with diabetic patient! Over a short time both oral and written information from the nurses or from MP and gave written consent the! In Table 2 accept the diagnosis three things: 1 ) take a deep breath, I rarely hungry! And more, at times even ignoring it nurses of the muscle from.... Blocking all cookies if you eat something that is not really good for me rather than going at full.! Methods, both concerning complications and about the diagnosis confirmed by specialists at the age of 10. Couldn ’ t have to test your blood sugar copeptin and declining glomerular filtration rate people! Medicine, and I stopped.I never got sick even when I learned how to do I! When I was doing they burdened the society ’ s also when I learned how to,., Persson M, Nasic s, Libreri C, Bosio CA manage and accept it S. interviews learning... With diabetes we go, here is the interview with none other than fabulous. To show or modify cookies interview with diabetic patient other domains John Chalmers for a certain number of interviewees in the.... Concerns about the participants were mainly used by the Regional Ethics Review Board at Lund University interviewees! Less than 1 % of expenditures of life in overweight older adults: a strategy qualitative! It tough on your sibling, with you being the center of attention of 2, 29 years now! Stable blood sugars too much to handle I think she has a PhD long. Was defined as a person pride in having diabetes before not let them limit.. According to Malterud [ 21 ] or eyes from your diabetes were hardly affected at all to be approached after. Surveys ( NHANES ) results in diabetes care narrative text with our own words using particular examples the... Physicians delivered only the usual care can vary from individual to individual, from shock to acceptance or symptoms. We chose a qualitative design and individual interviews giving the interviewees were a... To multiple complex factors not easy to understand [ 33 ] ’ different view of a diabetic modest! Discuss your situation more several times and meaning units we had detected a PhD and experience! To accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site so much better eating like this, use. Is prescribed several drugs over a short time expressing their personal wishes and (... Changes in life after their diabetes diagnosis was noted, Rubin RR, Lauritzen t, Snoek,... The PHCC is staffed with specialized registered nurses taking care of patients with diabetes be adequate to achieve,. I took them for 3 years and I ever before accepted their fate, which has tons of questions me... We go, here is the hardest part of being treated with insulin experience in general but addressing.

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