About The Agency


Agency Profile                                        

Accurate Information Services was established in 1992 to aid attorneys, business owners and the general public in obtaining the necessary information to make sound decisions in their daily endeavors. With a vast access to both public and non-public records, Accurate Information Services can gather whatever your informational needs are.  We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate up-to-date information, personally verified when possible.

Headquartered in Cumberland, Rhode Island, Accurate Information Services caters to both the large and small businesses along with the general public.  Our client’s include:

  • Attorney’s
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Food Service
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Jewelry
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Hospitality
  • Pre-employment background
  • Tenant Screening

Retailers face a major challenge with both internal and external theft.  Accurate Information Services can work undercover to detect both types of theft.  We can gather critical information to identify and eliminate the issues and then write policy to illuminate further loss.  Accurate Information Services can conduct interviews to determine the scope of the internal operation and with our legal staff can advise on legal enforcement.

Background investigations along with consumer credit reports can be conducted to reduce the potential dishonest employee or unwanted tenant.

Accurate Information Services can be your contact with all the legal industry having already established a network with the State AG’s, local Courts and Police Departments.