Making the move

Well after 30 years doing business in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we have made the move to TEXAS!

We secured our Agency license in September of 2020. Now in 2022, we are here and ready to assist Texas in their need for “INFORMATION”.

Our office works mostly with personal injury attorneys and businesses who want to prevent their bottom line. We worked with the big named personal attorneys in RI and MA like Sparks Law Office and Rob Levine. We settled numerous cases which provided their client’s with a greater settlement after we secured supporting evidence for their case. If they had to go to trial, we provided them with asset information on the defendant to determine if it was beneficial to proceed to trial.

Some cases, as in a hit-and-run, we were able to secure the owner of the vehicle using our vast access to both public and non-public records. We secured police reports, located insurance information (which is the ultimate payer for the claim).

As for businesses. We were able to conduct audits which showed them their weakness in a potential loss costing thousands to their bottom line. Audits to the local bars and restaurants to determine if employees were skimming from the till, or short changing the customers. Worked with retailers in the roll of asset protect. Conducting interviews regarding internal theft. Showing them where they are vulnerable to both internal and external theft.

Now we’re here in Texas hoping to do the same.