About The Owner

Michael R Caswell, owner of Accurate Information Services, has been in business for over 20 years. He started his career in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1979 where he meritoriously was promoted to Corporal and Sergeant. He was also selected for the Warrant Officer program by his commanding officer. His primary job in the service was as a Motor Transporter (MOS); where he later became a Licensing Instructor. He quickly grew into the position of a Career Counselor where he spent most of his efforts. After taking an inter-service transfer into the Massachusetts Army National Guard he became a Recruiter; he then moved to Rhode Island and transferred to the Rhode Island National Guard. After serving almost 10 years, between the Marine Corps and the National Guard, he ended his career as a Retention NCO. 

 After leaving the service, he trained as a Rhode Island State Constable which led to an association with a Private Investigator. The PI mentored him as a Private Investigator.  After completing his training with his mentor, he started Accurate Information Services and later, Swift Recovery.  He continued his education gaining his Paralegal Degree and Accident Reconstruction Certificate.  Michael also became certified in interview interrogations and licensed as a Police Constable.