Bar Audits

bartenderAccurate Information Services can conduct audits at your location to determine if you are getting what you paid for.  Performing Bar Audits the client can find out if the bartender is giving the business away such as:

  • Is the bartender preparing the drinks according to policy
  • Is the bartender giving free drinks away
  • Is the bartender recording all transactions or putting the money in their pocket
  • Are they keeping the area clean
  • Are they aware of the patrons needs and up selling

Accurate Information Services  can provide an Investigator to act as a customer and monitor the actions of the bartender(s) ensuring they are adhering to the policies set forth by the client.  The Investigator will document the bartenders transactions to include drink preparation, service and ringing in the sale.  In addition the Investigator will check to make sure the bartender maintains the cleanliness and safe condition for the patrons visit.  A complete report will be composed along with any deficiencies detected.