Integrity Audits

What is an Integrity Audit?

Accurate Information Services has experienced investigators who have worked in retail identifying the mishandling of cash.  Our Investigator would  act as  a customers and perform cash transactions used to detect employee theft and dishonesty at the point of sale. The Investigator is trained to follow the sales transaction to detect policy and procedural violations. As the transaction is initiated, the Investigator monitors the cashier to ensure they are following policy and completing the transaction by placing the money in the register, providing the proper change and handing the Investigator both the change and receipt concluding the transaction.  The Investigator is trained to look for subtle movements by the cashier to determine if they are pocketing money or using pennies to count how much they short changed a customer.

These types of audits uncover critical loss prevention issues, such as:

• Cash Mishandling

• Internal Theft of Money and/or Merchandise

• Under-Ringing Sales (also known as sweet heart deals)

• Voiding Recorded Sales

• Unauthorized Discounts

• Using old receipts to make fraudulent refunds

In the event the Investigator detects mishandling of money or violation of procedure, Accurate Information Services will recommend actions the client may choose to pursue, which could include interview and statement taking, which the agency can conduct. If after the conclusion of our investigation it is determined that their was theft, Accurate Information Services can  assist with prosecution if the client so chooses.